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•  Terms and Conditions


Parents or guardians of all students must fill out a registration form before attending classes., this form must state

clearly the full name and address of the student and any emergency contact numbers, once signed the parent/guardian

has then accepted responsibility for all our policies including staff permission to adminster first aid.


Pupils are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before a class is due to commence.


In the course of training it may be necessary for a teacher to make personal contact with a student in order to assist with correction.


Mobile phones are not permitted in class.


The wearing of jewellery is not permitted in class.


Under our Child Protection responsibilites, pupils under the age of 16 must be collected from the studio/premises.


All fees are payable during the first week of each half term - a 10% surcharge may be applied to late payments.


A paid half-term notice in writing (or payment in lieu) is required for a student to drop a subject or leave the school.

A re-registration fee of £25 per subject may be payable should a student wish to rejoin at a later date if correct notice

is given.


The Principal or her agents reserve the right to refuse or to terminate tuition at any time.


The Right of Administration is reserved.


Photographs and video recordings are sometimes taken and may be used for teaching or publicity purposes. If you do not wish the student to be included in such photos or recordings please indicate by placing an "X" in the box on the registration form.