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Line Dancing




Ogilvie Hall, Lawford




Improvers &


Ogilvie Hall, Lawford


9.30 - 10.30am


Line Dancing


Ladies and Gentlemen welcome


Cowboy boots optional - sense of humour ESSENTIAL!


Looking to take your line dancing moves a step further than the Macarena? Come along have fun and meet new people. The Debbie Millar School of Dance has line dancing classes to suit the beginner to the more experienced.


Line dancing is performed by a number of people all facing in the same direction (most of the time!) and moving in lines. It has the advantage of being a very sociable exercise but without the worry of needing a partner. In fact, BBC Radio 4 announced it to be the second most popular recreation in the UK, only beaten by Bingo.


Come along to our classes to keep fit and healthy and have fun at the same time.


Forget the stereotype - you do not need jeans, cowboy boots and a checked shirt to enjoy the best of line dancing! Just dress casual and bring along your sense of humor!

line dancing

‘You may forget where you put your car keys,

but by golly you can remember a 64-count

line dance’

  - Anon

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Line Dance Ladies