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Fushion Street & Hip Hop


As with all forms of modern popular dance, the evolvement and developments of styles are largely influenced by current music trends and promos/videos. The original funk and Hip Hop of the early 1980s have grown into two main genres, each with several variations of their own.



Street Dance


Street dance was originally a term used to describe dance moves that developed outside of the classroom and the studio as forms of freestyle and social dancing and now covers Locking, Popping, Breaking, Vogueing, Waacking and House.



Hip Hop


This style originally came about in the 1990s as seen on MTV with slick routines being specially choreographed in videos for artists such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Madonna. It incorporates all the Urban Street Dance styles and also many other styles including Jazz, Tap and Contemporary dancing. Commercial Hip Hop is the term given to the style that is used mostly for pop videos and can now be considered as the widest of all dance styles, taking influence from every section of dance.

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‘I think it's definitely going to get bigger and better. It's only at the beginning, and groups and dancers are getting better all the time’

- Ashley Banjo of Diversity

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